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Welcome to Quant not Quark / Quant statt Quark.

This site contains some material concerning my pet theme: are the energies of (elementary) particles subject to some kind of quantization ?
(Spoiler: Yes, they are)

I uploaded two articles on ZENODO.ORG - they make no fuss uploading your file -:

Order in the particle zoo

Particle properties

In the first one I try to cover only the most solid and important results while the second is intended to cover all aspects that came to my mind with no restriction regarding to its speculative nature. The second one needs a revision badly. Originally I tried to use in both articles a different method of approach as well yet at the moment they seem to converge again.
It used to be expected in the old days of Wilhelm Wien et al that a theory that covers particle mass should have something to say about mass interaction aka gravitation as well. Modern particle physics dodges this concept with the excuse that the strength of gravitational interaction is too weak to be relevant for their field. It seems to be a general preference in particle physics that properties that are too small to be easily measured are not only ignored but their "zeroness" is made a key ingredient of the theory. More crackpot rant here: PSE
In this work gravitation takes ever more space+time and thus at least the first title might be slightly outdated.